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The Inquiry Arc in U.S. History

By Jonathan Burack. This inquiry-centered activity book poses compelling questions about important topics in U.S. history and provides multiple primary sources to help students develop answers. Each of the four units ("Jamestown and Plymouth," "Colonists and the Native Americans," "The French and Indian War," and "The American Revolution") follows the Inquiry Arc and its four dimensions, including an overarching question, a contextual background essay, and approximately ten primary sources. Handouts guide students through analysis of the sources from four perspectives (historical, geographical, civic, and economic) and offer additional discipline-specific questions. Each unit concludes with five optional summative activities that push students to take what they've learned and apply it to real-world situations. The individual units are also available separately in digital format. Grades 5–8. Bibliography. Illustrated. 8" x 11". MindSparks. 168 pages. ©2017.

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HS1010-WBNYS 9781575964553 Reproducible activity book $49.95
HS1010E-WBNYS 9781575964560 Downloadable E-book (20.8 MB) $49.95
HS10101E-WBNYS 9781575964577 JAMESTOWN AND PLYMOUTH: Downloadable E-book (8.4 MB) $14.95
HS10102E-WBNYS 9781575964584 COLONISTS AND THE NATIVE AMERICANS: Downloadable E-book (14.1 MB) $14.95
HS10103E-WBNYS 9781575964591 THE FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR: Downloadable E-book (7 MB) $14.95
HS10104E-WBNYS 9781575964607 THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: Downloadable E-book (8.7 MB) $14.95

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