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The rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution are the focus of this series that describes their historical origins and evolution throughout American history. The books address important applications, precipitating events, and major figures, giving special emphasis to some via text boxes (up to an entire page). For instance, Freedom of Assembly begins with the right's pre-colonial antecedents, then traces its development as applied to slavery and suffrage, the labor movement, the civil and women's rights movements, and wartime (World Wars, Cold War, Vietnam, and Iraq). Primary source photographs and illustrations appear throughout, while appendixes excerpt documents related to the particular rights. Grades 7–12. Indexes. Bibliographies. Glossaries. Illustrated. 7" x 9". Facts On File. 128–160 pages each. ©2005.

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FF231-WBSSS 9780816056637 FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY $35.00
FF232-WBSSS 9780816056644 FREEDOM OF RELIGION $35.00
FF236-WBSSS 9780816056613 RIGHT TO VOTE $35.00

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