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POPULATION BOOMA nuanced examination of overpopulation


Directed by Werner Boote. Provoke discussion with this documentary that explores whether or not the world suffers from overpopulation—and reaches a counterintuitive conclusion. Traversing the globe to consult demographers and other experts, the filmmaker gradually comes to wonder if the problem may not be the number of people, but instead the allocation of resources. As images of crowded cities and slums alternate with scenes of vast, empty landscapes, viewers will question whether the idea of overpopulation might be propaganda foisted by the wealthy on the poor. Some subtitles. Grades 6 and up. Color. 90 minutes. Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion. ©2013.globalissues

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FJ137DV-WBSSS DVD (widescreen) $24.95

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