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AFTER STONEHENGEA 3000-year-old Bronze Age village provides insights into the roots of European civilization


Secrets of the Dead

Join a team of archaeologists as they investigate the remnants of a 3000-year-old Bronze Age village found frozen in time in a quarry in the south of England. What they find as they explore the village's well-built houses on stilts and thriving economic hub provides fresh insights into mysteries about the roots of European civilization. Ancient artifacts and structures unearthed reveal answers to questions such as whether the inhabitants of the village lived in isolation or in contact with others, how extensive their trading network was, whether they engaged in wars, what their modes of travel were, what weapons and tools they used, and what kind of catastrophe might have befallen them. Grades 6 and up. English SDH Subtitles. Color. 60 minutes. Thirteen Productions. ©2016.

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PBS563DV-WBSSS 9781627899581 DVD (widescreen) $24.99

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