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IMMIGRATION BATTLEBehind the scenes of the journey of the immigration reform bill through Congress


Presenting a fly-on-the-wall look at the inner workings of Congress, this Frontline documentary reveals what went on behind the scenes of the bipartisan struggle in the House of Representatives to pass an immigration reform bill between 2013 and 2015. As much a lesson in the behind-the-scenes dealings of Congress as it is an overview of the status of immigration reform in the U.S., this evenhanded program provides a fascinating glimpse into how our government really works. Filmmakers Shari Robertson and Michael Camerini present a compelling narrative, including candid moments and briefings of members of Congress by their staff, taking viewers behind closed doors to explore the political realities surrounding one of the country's most pressing and divisive issues. Grades 9 and up. English and Spanish with English subtitles. Color. 120 minutes. WGBH. ©2015.


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PBS551DV-WBSSS 9781627895217 DVD (widescreen) $24.99

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