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CROSS-EXAMINING HISTORYAnalyzes the leadership and legacies of 21 presidents


A Lawyer Gets Answers From the Experts About Our Presidents

By Talmage Boston. By examining the qualities and characters of former presidents, this insightful book prepares students to analyze the actions of the chief of state and appraise the potential of future leaders. Transcribed interviews with many of today's most renowned presidential historians and esteemed Oval Office insiders provide fresh answers to pointed questions posed by four decades of litigatory experience. The result is a subjective, in-depth assessment of the demands of the presidency, made fascinating by a clear familiarity with and passion for history. Beginning with a foreword by Ken Burns and covering the lives of 21 presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush, the author closes nine criteria for drawing conclusions about a presidential legacy and his "Ten Commandments of Great Presidential Leadership." Grades 7 and up. Index of topics. Illustrated. Bright Sky. 500 pages. ©2016.

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